Welcome to the Testing Center Appointment Calendar!

To complete placement testing remotely, students need to email us at testingcenter@abtech.edu. If you prefer to test in person, please schedule an appointment here.

Our mission is to provide an invitational, secure, and supportive environment for administering tests to current and future A-B Tech students and the Community.

We provide in-person test proctoring services for:

  • Make-up tests (testing for students with approved accommodations only)
  • Testing for students with approved accommodations
  • TEAS testing for qualified A-B Tech students
  • College Placement Testing

If you have any questions, please visit abtech.edu/testing-center, email the Testing Center at testingcenter@abtech.edu or call (828) 398-7219.

Location & Hours:
340 Victoria Rd.Simpson Building
Monday-Friday8:30 AM-5:00 PM

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